You won’t like me when I’m opinionated!


About My Soapbox

Waaaaaay back in 1992, my sixth grade class took our social studies class in a tiny annex building that we actually watched them move on to the school property. It wasn’t one of these disgusting white metal buildings all the schools seem to have these days. “The Soapbox” as we affectionately called it was basically an old one room wooden school building with tiny little desks and a chalkboard.

Sixth grade is mostly about girls getting crushes on boys and boys throwing spitballs at them (or at least it was back in 1992 and still should be), so I honestly only remember two things even though Mr. Coach Taylor (whom I also had as my AP US History teacher in 11th grade) was a good teacher. He was a GREAT life teacher as he taught me two of my very most important lessons. Number one: the difference between ignorance and apathy. Ignorance is when you just don’t know. Apathy is when you just don’t care. It’s okay to be ignorant because you can still learn, but apathy is never acceptable.

The second lesson came from “the soapbox” itself and where the title of my blog came from. When Mr. Coach Taylor would get particularly fired up about a subject in history (which happened at least twice a week), he would go on a mini-rampage about politics and the tyranny of government and on and on. Honestly, I mostly wrote letters to my friends that I then folded into ornate origami shapes and passed under the desk. I do remember that every time he would finish talking he would say, “And now I’m going to step down off my soapbox”. This also stuck with me so that any time in my adult life when I go off on a rant about any subject that I feel passionately about I also end with, “And now I’m going to step down off my soap box.”

So that’s the story behind my soapbox! Now step off it!


Questions, comments, opinions I may or may not care about?